The English Disco Lovers (EDL) are a pro-equality group, looking to reclaim the EDL acronym and make it stand for something positive. Unus Mundas, Una Gens, Unus Disco (One World, One Race, One Disco)!


Latest News

30/10/2015: Our founder, Chris, spoke at TEDxBrighton today! The video will be online soon!

28/03/2015: Alex spoke at The People's Hisotory Museum in Manchester, where he discussed the etymology of disco, jazz in WWII Paris and the gay rights movement in America.

27/03/2015: We teamed up with the Party for the People gang for our latest night in Manchester! All proceeds went to Forever Manchester.

28/01/2015: Our first night of the year and our first in the wonderful Exeter! We raised over £600 for Devon & Cornwall Food Association.

19/01/2015: Exeposé Music interviews Alex Jones, the man behind the English Disco Lovers, about their upcoming charity gig at Exeter’s Cavern. Read the article here.

21/11/2014: We held an awesome night at The Roadhouse, Manchester! Thanks to everyone who came down, all proceeds went to Forever Manchester.

19/11/2014: It's the EDL, but not as you know it! Time Out Manchester features the English Disco Lovers. Read it here!

05/09/2014: Brighton's BN1 Talks to The English Disco Lovers. Read the article here.

16/08/2014: Alex spoke at The People's History Museum in Manchester, then we partied at The Roadhouse! Thanks to everyone who came and supported both events.

27/04/2014: We told MfE to "Go, walk out the door! Turn around now, you're not welcome anymore!" in Brighton.

11/03/2014: Defected cover the English Disco Lovers, For the Love of Disco! Article here.

18/01/2014: We exhibited a selection of articles, photographs and screenshots from the English Disco Lovers archive as part of TEDxEastEnd's 'Society Beyond Borders' event.

01/02/2014: We headlined Muzz Khan's 'The Dance Assembly' alongside Seamus Haji. We had an incrdible time on the united dancefloor!

12/01/2014: Alex joined Uncle Vibes to talk about our plans for 2014. Listen to the 'Don't Walk, Boogie' show here.

31/12/2013: We joined Carousel Festival for their New Years party! Good times were had by all!

29/11/2013: We got down to The Prince of Wales, Brixton, and raised money for PPC (Positive Parenting and Children) and 17-24-30 No to Hate Crime Campaign!

16/11/2013: Exeter's English Disco Lovers joined Exeter Together for a celebration of the community, countering the English Defence League demonstration.

16/11/2013: Alex spoke at TEDxHackney's Fountian of Youth. You can watch the talk here.

07/11/2013: Ahead of our charity night at The Prince of Wales, Brixton Blog covers the English Disco Lovers. Article here.

27/09/2013: We got groovy at The Old Queen's Head for "Don't Hate! Gyrate!" The turn out was incredible, big disco love to all involved!

13/09/2013: A big thank you to The Ransom Note for make us their first 'Special Disco Mention', you can read more here.

12/09/2013: We were nominated for The Lib Dem Voice awards, Online Campaign of the Year (non-Lib Dem).

07/09/2013: We got our groove on, demonstrating against the English Defence League in Tower Hamlets. Disco lovers strutted their stuff in their finest disco gear, making it clear that "it don't matter if you're black or white." Channel 4 News gave us a little mention in their brief write up. Article here (scroll to the bottom).

06/09/2013: Dalston Superstore hosted our English Disco Lovers night, in aid of Hackney Pirates and All Out. We rasied £1633, which was split 50/50 between the two! Great disco vibes all round with sets from Ashley Beedle, Yam Who?, Tony Dunne, The Lovely Jonjo and Rokk. DSS also did a little feature on us for their website.

28/08/2013: "EDL Website Ranks Lower Than English Disco Lovers In Google After ZHC Hack". Huffington Post article here.

28/08/2013: We have reached the #1 spot on Google for an 'EDL' search! "In a victory for the forces of dance, searching for “EDL” on Google now returns anti-racism group English Disco Lovers ahead of the English Defence League". Buzzfeed article here.

25/08/2013: We spread the "Don't Hate! Gyrate!" message at Shambala Festival. We disco'ed off our socks at The Ghost Pirate Ship Docks.

13/08/2013: Is this the first music video filmed at an EDL rally? Noisey speak to Eoin Glaister, the director behind the video for 'Let Me Be The One'. Read the interview here.

12/08/2013: We teamed up with Brighton 4-piece, 'Let The Machines Do The Work' to produce a music video for their track 'Let Me Be The One'. Watch it here.

05/08/2013: We've been shortlisted for the National Diversity Awards 2013 in the Race, Faith & Religion category!

28/07/2013: English Disco Lovers representative DJs played at Kendal Calling Festival, spreading the "Don't Hate! Gyrate!" message. Post-set, Alex had a 'short but sweet' interview with The Bucket.

20/07/2013: We staged a mass disco dancing set at the Birmingham Disco Jam. Article here.

11/07/2013: Catch21 interviewed Alex at our first #BoogieNightParty. Here's the video.

04/07/2013: We held our first #BoogieNightParty @ The Shoreditch Butchery in London, raising over £350 to help rebuild the Muswell Hill Community Centre, burnt down by suspected English Defence League members in June.

1/07/2013: Time Out London support the EDL. Read the article here.

30/06/2013: Alex was interviewed by Alexi Petridis about The English Disco Lovers and our slot at Glastonbury Festival, listen to the podcast here.

29/06/2013: The English Disco Lovers presented Village Disco at Glastonbury Festival!

25/06/2013: We made Time Out London's 'Five weird and wonderful things to do at Glastonbury Festival'. Check out the full list here.

28/05/2013: This evening we were featured on CBC Radio's "As it Happens".

28/05/2013: We made it on Buzzfeed's 17 creative ways to mock the EDL! Read the full list here.

27/05/2013: Today we strutted our stuff outside Downing Street in support of peace and equality!

25/05/2013: English Disco Lovers in Nottingham, but no English Defence League. Article here.

25/05/2013: We got our Byker Groove on in Newcastle, here's a video from the day.

21/04/2013: Today we Boogied for Brighton in opposition to March for England (MfE) and were featured on ITV Brighton. 

19/04/2013: Eastern Eye Newpaper ran an English Disco Lovers article.

11/04/2013: A radio package on English Disco Lovers went out on Radio France Internationale! Listen here.

02/03/2013: We got ourselves over to the beautiful Manchester, for a counter-English Defence Leage demo. We grooved on down with disco tunes, flares and funky behavoir!

23/02/2013: We joined the counter-English Defence Leage demo in Cambridge, check out this video (skip to 30 seconds in).

19/02/2013: We were featured in The Asian Express Newspaper!

14/02/2013: This evening we were interviewed on Electric Sheikh, Reprezent Radio!

13/02/2013: The Quietus featured us on their website. Article here.

11/02/2013: We've been featured on Swedish news outlet Nyheter24! Read it here.

10/02/2013: For the google search 'EDL' we are currently in 4th position and for 'English Defence League' we are in the top 20!

09/02/2013: We were interviewed by 'Music for the People', here's the article, including our top 10 disco tunes.

08/02/2013: We've been featured on The Daily Dot! Read the article here.

06/02/2013: Today we were featured on Germany's TagesWEBschau, part of ARD. (Video no longer available)

05/02/2013: We overtook the English Defence League Facebook page today! We currently have 18,000 likes to their 15,000.

05/02/2013: Our SPIEGEL ONLINE article takes us international! Read it here.

04/02/2013: German weekly news magazine, Der Spiegel interviewed us today for SPIEGEL ONLINE, look out for the article tomorrow!

03/02/2013: Someone wrote an article on us for Wikipedia!

01/02/2013: Today we announce our glittery new website. We'll soon be busting a move on the google dancefloor!

01/02/2013: Today we were interviewed by Dorian Lynskey from The Guardian. Read his article, 'How to disco dance the EDL off Facebook and Google' here.






Our aims are very clear - we want to accumulate more likes than the English Defence League on Facebook as well as outranking them on Google.

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